More Jenn!

Some more from yesterday that I’ve finished editing.  :) I can’t get enough of her. 


Oh Jenn. Jenn has been my friend ever since we met in Violin class years, and year ago. She is one of the most gorgeous people inside and out. You really can tell just by looking at her that she’s a sweetheart. <3 

New designs!

Have been working on some wedding invitation ideas and some posters to put up around our house.  :)

A day in the garage.

Scott was in the garage this morning working on his new project, and I was taking the position of “annoying photographer girlfriend”. 

Wedding location scouting.

Met up with Sylvia & Jordan last night to scout out downtown Halifax for their upcoming wedding in July. I am SUPER pumped about this wedding! Awesome, gorgeous, outgoing and their wedding car is a Rolls Royce Phantom. How many chances are there going to be in my life to photograph such a rare car? 

Chelsea & Marc.

Still working away on Chelsea and Marc’s photos. Ran across this one and I just loved it. Neat perspective it has, gorgeous light and two pretty people in it. <3 I love 50MM lenses. 

Video Blog : Final thoughts on school.

Hemlock Ravine Shoot.

Two other photographers from my class and I decided that since May is our portfolio month, that we were going to do something where we could work with new people and get some new prints for our portfolios. Every week we will be meeting up with a total of 6 models (sometimes more!) and doing quick 30 minute mini sessions.

This is the first of the series. We did it at Hemlock Ravine. A gorgeous park with a heart shaped pond off the Bedford Highway. :)

^ Stephanie Curnew

^ Stephanie Curnew

^ Stephanie’s adorable laugh. 

^ Little Amber freezing. All wrapped up in her brother’s legs. Adorable!

^ One of her many hilarious faces. 

^ Lindsay Mackenzie. 

^ Lindsay by the river. 

^ I think this one is my favourite of her. :)

Chelsea & Marc!

We have been trying to get out to shoot FOREVER. They wanted to do a couples shoot outside in the snow and, well, we had almost no snow this winter. But we finally had schedules that let us meet up and here we are. :) This couple.. is amazing. They are the coolest people I’ve met in a long time. You can expect to see a LOT more work with these two over this summer. We have a ton of plans and some cool spots picked out. Can’t wait!! :)

This day in Musquodoboit.

The 1st and 2nd year photo classes headed to Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia for the day to shoot the town for a tourism book. Here’s some of my shots from the day. :)

^ Samee looking amazing as she always does. 

^ Ryan looking handsome in Marney’s barn. 

^ “Other” Kayla posing at the highschool near a huge window. 

^ Each of us had to have a portrait taken of ourselves to go in the book next to our name. I thinkkkk this is the one I’m going to hand in for it. It’s also funny because out of our group of 5 Ryan was the only one not wearing a right shirt. Hehe. 

^ One of the handsome guys at the station. He’s also a photographer!

^ Mr Buster Brown. Marney’s barn dog. Super happy lovable pup. 

^ Some of Marney’s horses. They’re all super old gentleman and ladies. <3 

^ Art teacher at the local highschool. 

^ Another gentleman from the station. 

^ Being shown some old guys that worked the station way back when. 

^ Flowers sprouting their way up! 

^ Horses are just so photogenic. I could photograph a horse for hours and never run out of ideas. I have so much love for them. 

^ One of the local girls in art class. She was so shy, but I’m glad she cooperated! Haha. :)

^ Some saddles up in the tack shop. 

^ The shot of this cat took so much effort. I had climbed up onto a huge pile of hay bales and Buster Brown came up with me and was all in my face licking me while I was lying down trying to get a shot of the cat. Silly pup haha. 

^ I didn’t take this image here, my friend Ryan Singler did. I just really wanted to show this to everyone. 

I don’t know this horse’s name, I had just met him. We stopped at a random house and were shooting this lady’s (Marney) property and horses. I left the group of people and slipped under a fence and met this fella. I guess he’s over 30 years old. He let me braid his hair and followed me around a little bit then laid down beside me so I sat with him. We stayed like this for about 20 minutes without anyone bothering us. Ryan just happened to run back to the car to grab a lens and grabbed this shot right before the horses decided to get back up. Definitely going to treasure this moment forever. <3