Boys and bouquets.

Little miss.

Adorable little one from the wedding. 

Client welcome kit!

In between editing wedding photos, and fighting with a laptop that is as slow as molasses in the winter… I’ve been designing myself a Client Welcome Kit!

These kits will be given out to all my new clients / potential clients deciding whether to hire me or not. 

They include : 

  • Info about me.
  • Pricing. 
  • Policies. 
  • Contract.
  • Check list. 
  • Style guide

… and more!

If you are a potential client you can request a kit and I’ll mail it to you. Who DOESN’T like getting mail? I know I love it. 

I can’t wait to get it finished! 

** UPDATE (July 20th)

Obligatory jump shot!

Daily dose of Sylvia and Jordan.

Another shot I love from the wedding last saturday. Adorable. 

Sylvia & Jordan's wedding.

Sylvia first contacted me about a year ago for her wedding photos. The three of us met up at Tim Horton’s one day to just chat and make sure that we were all looking for the same things out of wedding photos. They decided to hire me. :) We got together a second time for me to shoot their engagement photos at Peggy’s Cove. Something I try to do with all wedding clients just to break the ice and give us a little more history together so I’m not a complete stranger the day of. 

We’ve all been waiting so long for this day to come and then all the sudden it was the day of. The weeks leading up to the wedding I’m sure I grew an ulcer stressing over it. These people are beautiful people inside and out and the thought of ever letting them down on my end was honestly horrifying. However, the day came and it was probably the most stress free wedding I have ever shot. I’ve shot/assisted over 11 in the past few years and I can really say this was the least stressful. So I developed my faux ulcer for nothing.

As I was driving to Bayers Lake to meet the girls and capture them getting their hair done it was pouring out. Just given’r. All I could think was “crap, … crapcrap, …. crapp, please stop” the entire way there. Much to our surprise it must have got it all out of it’s system because the day was lovely. Cloudy, sunny, warm, and overall a good day for some photo taking. 

If you know me, you automatically know that I am a car person. I don’t know everything about cars or worship them —however an old ‘67 Fastback can literally bring tears to my eyes. So you’ll imagine my joy when Sylvia emailed me saying that their wedding car was a Rolls Royce. And that I got to ride around in the Rolls. Let me tell you. My boyfriend’s super charged and very gorgeous Nissan 350Z got looks —but this car. Wow. Everyone was stopping and video taping us, and taking photos, and coming up to talk and just in general awe of how luxurious this car is. 

Special thanks to my assistant, Samee Rose

So without further adieu, Sylvia and Jord’s wedding through my lens… 

** ^ This is the general reaction people gave us to the car. Stopping and staring with their mouths open.  :) 

** ^ I would like to thank the man in the car beside them that was yelling out stuff making them laugh and feel nice and awkward. Thanks dude. Look at the smile on Jordan’s face. 

** ^ When we were done with the car we got out on Granville street and people were once again aweing over the car and clapping and saying congratulations to the newly weds. You don’t really realize JUST how friendly Halifax can be until you’ve walked around downtown with a someone in a wedding dress. Try it sometime. 

** ^ A smile NEVER left her face all day. 

** ^ During the reception I learned that back in the day Jordan had actually been a model. Once. In a Sears catalogue I think it was. 

** Every time somebody wanted them to kiss they clinked their glasses and had to make a donation to the SPCA

First 2012 wedding.

… and what a wedding it was! Check back for an up and coming sneak peek of the day. <3 

Father's Day.

Shot I took of my step-dad on father’s day! What a cute  :)

Holly and the Rafuse family.

I drove up to the valley on Father’s day to do some shots of one of my favourite families of all time. The Rafuse family. They are amazing people. You instantly feel like you are part of the family as soon as you meet them. Typical country folk ;) The coolest part about them? They ALL ride motorcycles. <3 

I met them all in the valley a long time ago. We all used to camp at the same campground and Britney and I became pretty good friends. I met Holly when she was really little and I can’t believe she’s grown into such a beautiful person in and out. :) 

^ Both of us really wanted to do something with hay bales. Success!

^ This was taken just beside the campground we all met at down a little road full of cottages. 

^ We randomly decided to get photos with cows. Crawled under a fence and to make a long story short they literally made a circle around us. Super curious adorable animals. :) 

^ There is just something so natural to me about a girl in the country, in the middle of a field on a bright sunny evening that just makes me feel so happy. 

^ The gang! 

^ This was taken right on the Bay Of Fundy. Clear skies. NO wind. Lots of bugs. One of my favourite places in the entire world. 

^ One of the first photos we took. She was pretty much a natural right from the start.  :)

My favourite photo of Jenn.

I know I’m bombarding my blog with photos of Jenn… but I mean, … come on. Look at her.