Boulderwood Stables.


Isn’t she beautiful? 

Photo stitching!

Something I’ve been practicing with a little bit. This photo is about 20 photos stiched together. :)


Out and about.

Starting to drag my camera around with me when I go out. And by out, I really just mean outside of my bedroom. My house is freezing. And outside is freezing. Hiberntation time!

Winter blues, and summer hues.

A photo of Jenn from the summer. I miss it so much! 

Gift Certificates!


Just testing out a new modification to my logo and some screen resolutions! Now that all my weddings are over and most of my engagement shoots, it’s time to get back into messing around with new techniques and such. :) 

Vanessa & Jody's Engagement.

Vanessa & Jody V. Point Pleasant Park and another GORGEOUS autumn day. <3

Brittany & Graham's Engagement.

These two were great to work with! Super easy to pose, well dressed, listened to directions yet also did their own thing and not to mention that we must have had good karma because look at that fabulous weather. :D