Scott [ Testing some light ]

I have a Corporate Christmas Party to shoot tonight so last night I hauled a location kit home to practice with. It’s so helpful to have willing test subjects. :)


Karen Logan [ Business Card ]

In my previous post I posted up the logo I designed for a classmate of mine and this is the business card I did to go along with her logo. :)

Karen Logan [ Logo ]

Karen is a classmate of mine, and this is her new logo! The name originated from a class joke from first year but definitely suits her well if you know the whole story. :) Can’t wait to see her cards printed!

Hose Master [ School Assignment ]

Courtney Jeffrey [ Logo ]

Courtney and I have been emailing like crazy lately, and after many, many, many revisions we came up with something that suits her that she loves! I think the hardest thing about being a designer for me is removing myself from the project. I have to teach myself to step back and realize that not everyone wants the same kind of logo. Not everyone likes the same kind of fonts. That my idea of something is going to be completely different to someone else. And a lot of the time a client will think they know what they want, but you have to learn to ask the right questions to really figure out what it is that they are looking for. :)

If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.


Jessica & Andrew [ Wedding ]

Recently I did my last wedding of the year. Jessica, and Andrew. I met Jessica a few years back at Boulderwood Stables. We were both working the March Break Camp. You’ve all heard of Bridezilla, right? Well have you heard of Groomzilla? Jess was so laid back and relaxed throughout the day and Andrew was the one running around being worried about the chair covers. It was such a different dynamic! I can only hope my future husband cares that much about anything to do with planning a wedding. The ceremony was really quick, and the whole day just kind of flew by. It was great meeting all their family and being part of everything that day.