This list is specifially designed for my clients / newbie photographers. It will be an on-going list of answers to questions that I have been asked, things that help me with my shoots, or just helpful articles I find. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

For Clients : 

  • It’s very helpful to me when I get my clients to send me a bunch of poses or the kind of look they are going for before hand. Pinterest is great for this.  Just type in whatever you are looking for in the search bar up top and BAM. Thousands of ideas. 
  • As much as you want to, avoid going all matchy-matchy. And on the other side of the scale, avoid lots of patterns. Choose flowy/loose clothing over skin tight clothing. 
  • If I upload photos on to Facebook as a sneak peek and you want to use these photos and decide to crop my logo out please, please, please put credit in the description of the photo. Most of us get our clients from online and if we don’t have any credit it’s hard for new clients to find us.
  • Bring lip chap! I can’t begin to count how many photos I have of people licking their lips. Yes boys, even you. 
  • Try to choose a location that isn’t super cliche or over used. Instead of the Public Gardens, if you have a nice backyard why not start there? Or a nice trail around your house? Hell, why not climb up on TOP of your roof during sunset? 
  • If you are posing for wedding photos (‘the kiss’) especially during the ceremony, try to at least count to five before you end it. 
  • When chosing your wedding venus keep natural light and big/lots of windows in mind. 
  • If you live here in Halifax and are looking to get your photos printed, please consider Atlantic Photo. They know their stuff and they do a tremendous job and will have your photos looking like they’re supposed to look.  
  • When decorating your reception area, try and avoid having bright colourful lights pointed directly at people on the head table or where people give speeches. It’ll give them harsh and very odd colouring casts to their faces. 
  • Tanning. Do it naked! Kidding (kind of..) Just be aware of tan lines that you will be creating on your body. Especially brides who have picked out strapless dresses for themselves and the bridesmaids. Tan lines can, for the most part, be fixed up with photoshop. Sometimes I can’t completely get rid of them, but I can at least dim them. It will also add quite a substantial amount of wait time for getting your photos back. 
  • Gum. Chew it on your wedding day ONLY if you want to have 2/3 of your photos with you looking like a llama chewing on grass. 
  • Sun glasses. It’s okay in a few shots, but please take them off and get rid of them. I want to see your pretty eyes! 

For Photographers : 

  • Equipment that I use : Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, A Mac computer, a Nikon D700, various lenses. 
  • Do you offer mentoring? - I’ve never really thought about this until recently after about 3/4 people asking me to help them out with their cameras. I think in 2013 I’ll officially set up some sort of mentoring thing for people. Until then, any questions please ask away, or if you’re really in need for some help send me and email and we can talk about getting together. :)
  • I have had a lot of people ask me about my website. I started off by using Wordpress but now I use Fotojournal. It’s a lot like Prophoto but it’s free (unless you decide to pay for it). I designed my header myself. I host all of my photos through Flickr. Why? Because if I ever need to find a photo it’ll be in there. It’s easy. It’s free. And it automatically resizes your photos into a bunch of different ones you can choose from. I bought my domain name from Domainsatcost and have it set up to forward to my “” address. No installing any programs. No hosting. Simple. This is just what works for me.