Hemlock Ravine Shoot.

Two other photographers from my class and I decided that since May is our portfolio month, that we were going to do something where we could work with new people and get some new prints for our portfolios. Every week we will be meeting up with a total of 6 models (sometimes more!) and doing quick 30 minute mini sessions.

This is the first of the series. We did it at Hemlock Ravine. A gorgeous park with a heart shaped pond off the Bedford Highway. :)

^ Stephanie Curnew

^ Stephanie Curnew

^ Stephanie’s adorable laugh. 

^ Little Amber freezing. All wrapped up in her brother’s legs. Adorable!

^ One of her many hilarious faces. 

^ Lindsay Mackenzie. 

^ Lindsay by the river. 

^ I think this one is my favourite of her. :)

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