Magazine mock-up assignment.

Our latest assignment was to shoot an image for the magazine cover of our choice. Naturally I left this one until last minute as I had no idea what I wanted to do. 

I finally decided that I wanted to shoot something with horses so I contacted the stables I’ve been riding at since I was super young to see if it was okay to come borrow a horse or two for an hour. :)

It may not look like it but Jenn was FREEZING. She was literally shivering. The next issue was that Bandit was covered in mud. So 3 of us had to brush her down. Even after that she still looked like she just rolled around in a dust pile. Next was that I was missing a cord to one of my lights I had with me so I could only use 1 light. And let me tell you… barns are dark. They are hard to light. Horses don’t really stay still for long before they move their heads. 

When I got home to look through my stuff I had ghosting from a low shutter speed trying to get ambient light, Jenn would be really well lit and Bandit would be black as night. Jenn’s face would be blown out and Bandit would be lit really nice. Jenn had a nice face, and Bandit looked half asleep. It was a process FOR sure. But worth it. :)  I know Bandit looks sleepy in this photo but I really liked Jenn’s pose and how the lighting came out. 

Gear : Nikon D700, 50mm F/2.8, Bowens Light Kit. 
Location : Boulderwood Stables, MT. Uniake.  

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