A day in my life.

I gave myself a mini photo project today! To shoot my day. Except I think I picked one of the most boring days possible this week haha. Sorry about that! :)

Started off about 9am. Somebody staring me down. 

Hop on the ‘net to check les emails.

Make a post about doing this so that I would have to stick with it. 

Making my breaky.

Mmm powdery goodness. 

Still in great company with my supervisor watching over me.

All ready to nom.

More sooking. 

It is really hard to take a picture of yourself working out hahaha. Fail. 

Fresh outta the shower! 

Brushing the chompers. 

Drowning myself in perfume. 

I seriously cannot get rid of him. But he’s so cute. 

Tried like 10 times to get it in focus. Gave up. Finally done getting ready. 

Mocking up magazines in class for an assignment. 

Creeping my future husband. 

Look at all my texts from all my friends. Not. Haha. I’m lame :(

My day got lame so I looked to other people for inspiration. Found my step daddio and chased him around the house. Was not impressed. 

He finally gave in and ignored me. Then decided to show me a photo of him from grade 10 that he found online. Hahaha. 

Then I went to the gym. Ran 3.24 miles. Sweated off 50 pounds. Ate some salad and pasta. And I’ve been being a very boring person ever since doing homework and this. 



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