Holly and the Rafuse family.

I drove up to the valley on Father’s day to do some shots of one of my favourite families of all time. The Rafuse family. They are amazing people. You instantly feel like you are part of the family as soon as you meet them. Typical country folk ;) The coolest part about them? They ALL ride motorcycles. <3 

I met them all in the valley a long time ago. We all used to camp at the same campground and Britney and I became pretty good friends. I met Holly when she was really little and I can’t believe she’s grown into such a beautiful person in and out. :) 

^ Both of us really wanted to do something with hay bales. Success!

^ This was taken just beside the campground we all met at down a little road full of cottages. 

^ We randomly decided to get photos with cows. Crawled under a fence and to make a long story short they literally made a circle around us. Super curious adorable animals. :) 

^ There is just something so natural to me about a girl in the country, in the middle of a field on a bright sunny evening that just makes me feel so happy. 

^ The gang! 

^ This was taken right on the Bay Of Fundy. Clear skies. NO wind. Lots of bugs. One of my favourite places in the entire world. 

^ One of the first photos we took. She was pretty much a natural right from the start.  :)

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