Practice, makes perfect.

But if there’s no such thing as perfect —why practice? Because it’s fun. 

I’ve been trying to take photos every day. Of nothing in particular. Mostly my dog. Because he doesn’t care. Or maybe he does? And he’s just so darn handsome. I just really want to get into the habit of practicing. Taking photos of something for nobody but myself, so that I can edit them the way I like. Or experiment with them. Sometimes they turn out horrible, and others… they end up being emailed to family and friends. :) 

Click here for full size. It’s amazing how much a simple crop can do to really bring something in your photo into focus. I made the colours a little more punchy, sharpened. I was shooting at F/1.8 and meant to get the focus on his eyes but he must have moved and I got it on his nose instead. Taken by the large window in the living room and had my flash on to get a catch light in his eyes.  :) 

Here’s another one from today : 

Click here for full size.

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