Official Self Portrait Project started!

I’ve been messing around with my project thinking about starting it, but finally started to give it a shot yesterday while I was in Musquodoboit. If you read my post before this one you’ll see were doing some location scouting.

I made a link at the top where I’m going to keep my photos and each photo will have a link to how I did it or where or with who, a bit about me,  etc… :)

Here’s #1 ! 

Location : Musquodobit, NS
Light : All natural baby.
Gear : Nikon D700 + 70-200 F/2.8
Credits : Samee Rose for being my tripod/shooter!

I think if you don’t know me, this photo might not make sense. Why aren’t my eyes open? Well, aside from the fact the whole shoot was spent with me making stupid faces because my friends were there. This was more of a mishap than anything. BUT! If you know me, and knew me at all when I was younger I spent all the time I could the valley surrounded by ocean, cows, horses and fields, all being alone. A lot of time thinking. A lot of time running with music and just enjoying the heat and the beautiful scenery and trying to get my awkward teenage self to figure out who I was.  

So I think this is a good representation of me and my serene state of mind. Completely content. Completely happy. Even though it’s not ‘my’ valley, my fields, or summer.

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