Being discouraged and a trip down memory lane.

I think every photographer goes through this. We all look at other people’s work and admire it and wonder why ours isn’t up to par, or isn’t as sharp, or as clear, or bright or for whatever reason and we get down on our work. It’s a hard trap to fall into. And to be honest, I think all artists in general go through this.

I had one of these moments (one of many lately) and I just opened up my Flickr account and started at the very beginning and looked at all my old work. I’ve really come a long way. That’s not saying I still don’t have a longer way to go, but I’ve made progress. 

Better composition. Better colours. Sharper. More interesting. I’m really (read: slowly) starting to shape myself as a photographer. 

^^ Doggy photos - February 2010

^^ Doggy photos - February 2012

^^ Self portrait - March 2010 

^^ Self portrait - October 2011

^^ “Studio” shot (read: livingroom and a black sheet) - April 2008 

^^ Studio shot - October 2011

^^ Engagement Photo - June 2010 

^^ Engagement Photo - September 2011

^^ Wedding stuff - August 2010

^^ Wedding stuff - July 2011

^^ Outdoor portraits - September 2010

^^ Outdoor portraits - September 2011

^^ Wedding details - October 2010

^^ Wedding details - July 2011

^^ Bokeh - December 2010

^^ Bokeh - December 2011

^^ Cars - April 2010 

^^ Cars - June 2011

Anyway, you guys get the point I’m sure. :) So next time you’re feeling poopy about your work just look back in your archives. You might surprise yourself with how far you’ve come!

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