Little mentoring goes a long way.

My friend just bought a DSLR and we’ve been meaning to get out so that I can mentor her a bit. When our schedules finally allowed us to hang out we ended up at the beach. I gave her a quick run down of how I use the light and we took turns taking pictures of each other and then when we were finally done came back to my house to I could show her the ropes in Lightroom. Overall it was actually really fun. I didn’t think I’d ever really enjoy teaching someone, and I know I’m not the most amazing photographer out there but I’ve had some people aske me about it, so it’s something I might think about offering next year.  :) 

There are a couple shots back in the beginning of this year when I was doing a self portrait project I’ve wanted to get. Mainly me, in a dress, in the water. Selfies are so much easier when you have a human tripod. 

And on to some photos I took of her. 

And onto some photos that Jenn took of me :) I think she did an excellent job harnessing the power of the sun. 


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