This day in Musquodoboit.

The 1st and 2nd year photo classes headed to Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia for the day to shoot the town for a tourism book. Here’s some of my shots from the day. :)

^ Samee looking amazing as she always does. 

^ Ryan looking handsome in Marney’s barn. 

^ “Other” Kayla posing at the highschool near a huge window. 

^ Each of us had to have a portrait taken of ourselves to go in the book next to our name. I thinkkkk this is the one I’m going to hand in for it. It’s also funny because out of our group of 5 Ryan was the only one not wearing a right shirt. Hehe. 

^ One of the handsome guys at the station. He’s also a photographer!

^ Mr Buster Brown. Marney’s barn dog. Super happy lovable pup. 

^ Some of Marney’s horses. They’re all super old gentleman and ladies. <3 

^ Art teacher at the local highschool. 

^ Another gentleman from the station. 

^ Being shown some old guys that worked the station way back when. 

^ Flowers sprouting their way up! 

^ Horses are just so photogenic. I could photograph a horse for hours and never run out of ideas. I have so much love for them. 

^ One of the local girls in art class. She was so shy, but I’m glad she cooperated! Haha. :)

^ Some saddles up in the tack shop. 

^ The shot of this cat took so much effort. I had climbed up onto a huge pile of hay bales and Buster Brown came up with me and was all in my face licking me while I was lying down trying to get a shot of the cat. Silly pup haha. 

^ I didn’t take this image here, my friend Ryan Singler did. I just really wanted to show this to everyone. 

I don’t know this horse’s name, I had just met him. We stopped at a random house and were shooting this lady’s (Marney) property and horses. I left the group of people and slipped under a fence and met this fella. I guess he’s over 30 years old. He let me braid his hair and followed me around a little bit then laid down beside me so I sat with him. We stayed like this for about 20 minutes without anyone bothering us. Ryan just happened to run back to the car to grab a lens and grabbed this shot right before the horses decided to get back up. Definitely going to treasure this moment forever. <3

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