Inside Out Assignment.

This was the last assignment of the year. Definitely not my best work ever. I found this assignment super challenging. Especially with the lighting I chose. Basically we had to take a shot of something outside where someone could sit. Then we had to take a model into the studio and create the same lighting and have them sitting and then cut them out and post them into the first photo. I had a really hard time seeing as Scotty was sitting on the top of the chair so that I could get him all with the green screen on the background. And then for the life of me I couldn’t get the proper colouring on his hands. Or the shadows right. Like I said, no my best work. Here’s the two originals : 

I had a fairly large soft box set up behind him trying to mimic the position of the sun. And there’s also a huge 3 bay garage just out of the frame that was kind of throwing light back onto the chair so I used a huge fill card to Scott’s right to mimic that. Little bit to much I think. Can’t win ‘em all, right? :) 

That being said. Hello Christmas break and the next 20 days of absolutely nothing to do. Except to shoot a wedding on the 30th. And a friend’s newborn baby. And another friends little girl. And a portrait of my favourite soldier. But at least it’s stuff I want to be doing so yay. :) Happy holidays everyone!!!! 


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