Laura & Luke [Wedding]

What a fantastic group of people to spend a saturday with. Thank you so much for letting us be part of it. Check back occasionally for photo updates!  :)

Luke & Laura [Engagement]

These are my two wedding clients for this weekend and this was our fist time meeting. What a genuinely lovely couple, and what a beautiful space to be getting married in. <3 

Ted, BB and Dax.

My boss and his pups.  :) 

Audrey & Tom's wedding!

Thank you two for letting us spend the day with you! I know it was super hot but you guys were troopers! <3 

BB & Dax.

David & Roy.

I was walking around downtown with Roy and David last night and they actually let me take photos of them! Thanks boys! PS… they’re both single, ladies!

Free Mustang Desktop Photo.

An old photo of Mustang I took at Atlantic Nationals up in New Brunswick. Click the photo to download full 2560x1440 resolution photo. :) 

Beach fire @ Rainbow Haven.

Cute little family having a fire on Rainbow Haven beach this evening. I didn’t even know this was allowed, however, the cops walking past don’t seem to care. One of the little girls ran over to my blanket and invited me over to their fire. So adorable. 

Nichole & David [Engagement]

Two of my very lovely, very easy to work with 2014 wedding clients. 

Airplane watching.

Yesterday morning a friend and I met up at the Airport to watch the planes land. They literally fly right over your head. It’s amazing.